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The Ingenious New Umbrella with
Reverse Open Close Technology!
There’s No Easier Way to Get in From the Rain!
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This is simply the best full-size umbrella I've ever owned.

Opens inside out so when you close it, the outside is dry. I'll never use a regular umbrella again!

Be well -
Stacy Johnson
Our Customer Reviews

This umbrella works well in driving wind and rain.

This umbrella works well in driving wind and rain. the "inside out" design keeps my floor dry after I come back in from walking the dog.


Easy to use when getting in and out of a car!

Easy to use when getting in and out of a car, just poke the umbrella out and open, works great!

Rene Lagler

Believe the hype!

Where were these 20 years ago?  The best invention since...well sliced bread. Durable and very efficient. Get yours today!

Michelle Richardson

Easy to get in the car with this umbrella.

I really love the way it closes when getting back in a car or coming indoors.


Love it.

Bought one, bought more, will probably buy more as gifts.

Kenneth R. Harp

Great umbrella

Love this umbrella! Much better made than the other 'inside out' umbrella I ordered online.


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Stacy Johnson
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